What Parents are saying!

"Watching my daughters transform not only in skill, but in their over all confidence, has been the most amazing part of being with the Legends!"

"Our kiddos have played on various teams and clubs over the past couple of years and what we have found with the Legends we could not find anywhere else. This is a club that focuses on the development of the individual player. That focus has led to drastic improvement for our daughters in areas of ball handling, skill, and tactical decision-making. The coaches are knowledgeable and actually care about the well-being of our kids rather than just focusing on team wins. We love the Legends and recommend this club as often as we possibly can!"   Connie E 

"Just wanted to extend a quick thank you for all that you do.  This weekend was a lot of fun to watch.  You not only teach the girls ball skills and moves but you them teamwork, the value of hard work and perseverance through adversity.  These skills will be carried on through their adult lives and I cannot stress the important of learning this at a young age.  You are an amazing coach and we are proud to call our daughter a Legends."   Erica T

"Mingling with other parents the topic of what/which sports do your kids play comes up.  A lot of times when you say soccer the first thought that comes to some people's mind is of the Simpson's episode where the Continental Soccer Association comes to Springfield and it is billed as "fast kicking", "low scoring" and "ties".  The announcers mockingly call the play by play "halfback passes to center, center to wing, wing to center, center holds it, holds it" and after watching quite a bit of soccer the last few years I find that to be true with some of the elite area clubs.  The focus is so much on passing and not making a mistake that all creativity and excitement are lost.  Fortunately, we chose the Legends where creativity and skill are celebrated and players are encouraged to take risks.  The games we get to participate in are filled with "I didn't know my kid could do that", "where did he/she learn that" and "wow".  Now we don't always win but the growth of each of these kids is amazing and is what will separate them from other players in the future.  I can't tell you how many times on the sidelines I have heard other parents encouraging their kids to attack, attack, attack and not to let our players dance with the ball.  Or the fans that yell the goalie is out, the goalie is out just kick it as the ball is on their side of half.  All I can say is thank you for teaching my child it is ok to take risks, be creative and that soccer is more than just kicking the ball as hard as you can and chasing it down."  Thomas K Jr.

“What makes the St. Louis Legends Soccer Club different is what makes it special. The emphasis on individual development has led my daughter and her teammates to become creative playmakers with an arsenal of foot skills and deceptive moves. The coaching style encourages the players to use their moves and skills promoting confidence and creative decision making. They never blindly dump the ball and never kick it out of bounds on purpose. It’s amazing to see how the Legends philosophy and positive soccer culture has impacted my daughter both on and off the field! I would highly recommend the Legends to anyone who wants to improve their child's skill, finesse, and creative dribbling. It really is amazing to watch!!”  Tim S
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