Why should you choose the St. Louis Legends?

• The Legends Training Method has been created specifically to foster the development of incredibly brilliant and creative dribblers and finishers.  

• The St. Louis Legends Soccer Club is unique in the St. Louis area because of our extreme focus on individual skills development.  Many clubs in the area claim to focus on skill development; while they may be in practice, it is lacking during their game play. At most games, coaches from every major club, can be observed prompting players to kick the ball out of bounds to relieve pressure. This type of coaching starts as early as U8 and can be seen in games all the way through the high school level. Not only is this not conducive to a players development, it is contradictory to the Legends Method.  Asking a player, in their youth developmental stages, to kick the ball out of bounds to relieve pressure is easy, it’s comfortable, and it doesn’t require technical ability or tactical awareness.  Even worse, it stagnates a player's growth in transitioning properly from offense to defense and vice versa.  We want Legends players to always be playing on the EDGE OF CHAOS because that is where the most growth occurs!

• Your child’s development as a player and a person is more important than the team, it’s more important than the club, and it’s absolutely more important than any youth win.

• Legends Players stand out in the crowd.  Whether it’s youth/high school tryouts, a tournament, league play, ODP Trials, College  Showcase Tournaments, college or professional soccer ~ Coaches are looking for the highly skilled and a confident ball carrier.

• All players will play every position during the season and sometimes, they will play multiple positions in a single game.  Players are taught  the tactical side of the game, from every position, as their technical ability increases.

• We believe your child is good enough!  We don’t believe a child’s genetic/athletic prowess, or lack there of, at any age, is going to           determine how good he or she will become.  

• We accept every child, because we recognize their future potential!  It’s our job to help your child become the best player and person he or she can be.

• We accept that players will make mistakes on the field and they won't be punished, by sitting the bench, during a game.  However, that’s not to say we won’t sub a player out if they are unfocused or not giving their best effort.

• We focus on the two things our players have control over every single time they step on the pitch: THEIR  ATTITUDE & EFFORT!

• Director of Coaching Scott Gaither is a former Professional Soccer Player of 9 seasons, Head and Assistant College Soccer Coach, Head Varsity High School Soccer Coach, Creator of HappyFeet and Co-Founder of HappyFeet Legends International LLC with 33 years of youth soccer coaching experience.  

How much does it cost to play for the STL Legends?

• The Legends estimated yearly fees are linked HERE.

Will my child have an opportunity to dual roster and play more games?

•  The option to dual roster exists on a case by case basis and is subject to the coach's approval.

What if my child is good enough to play up a year or two?

   It's extremely important to the development of every player that they play against players of a similar ability; so, when the Club recognizes that a younger player is more advanced, a roster spot on an older team may be offered.  We do not cut players, so the offer of a roster spot on an older team is dependent upon the number of roster spots available.  However, the older the teams get, the larger the number of roster spots are available. 

What if there isn't a roster spot available but my child is better than one of the older kids on that roster?

   As mentioned above, we are a NO-CUT club.  So, roster spots are based first on birth year, the number of players a roster can hold, and then individual ability.
  When a child is advanced technically or tactically and a roster spot does not exist on an older team, we will encourage the parents and the player to attend the older teams practices regularly to make sure they are being challenged and can continue to grow.

Is my child required to play all three seasons of fall outdoor, winter indoor, and spring outdoor soccer? 

• We do not require a child to participate year round.  However, we highly encourage they do because it helps continue their growth as a player.  That way they aren’t forced to re-learn their skills or regain their touch after 3-6 months of no soccer.
• We also encourage children to play other sports,we know it is good for them.
• We are extremely flexible with dual sport athletes.

Do I still have to pay the full fees if my child doesn’t participate in all three seasons?

• Unlike most clubs in the city, we do not ask Families to pay an annual team fee upfront; which basically forces Families to pay a full years fees regardless of whether your child participates in every season.
• We do not bill Parents for seasons they will not be participating in.  
• We do ask Families to pay the club fees throughout the year regardless of participation in a particular season.  High School Soccer Players are obviously exempt from club fees during their High School seasons.

What options do we have for fees?  Do we have to pay it all up front or can we pay monthly?

• The Club does not require you to pay the full annual fee upfront, however we do offer a 10% discount for any family that chooses to pay the full annual Club and Coaching fee at the beginning of the fall soccer year.
• The Club offers a monthly payment option for all Families to help ease the burden of competitive soccer costs.   Monthly payments are due the first of each month and can be remitted online, through snail mail or personal delivery at practice or a game.

Do you offer discounts for siblings?

• The Club offers a 10% discount for the 2nd child and a 15% discount for the 3rd child in the Club.

What if I can’t afford the Club and Coaching Fees?

• The Club offers opportunities to Families to volunteer their time to help reduce the cost of their Club and Coaching Fees.
• The Club also provides fundraising opportunities to help Families raise funds to go towards their Club and Coaching Fees or other fees they may need help with.
• The Club will not turn a child away because of a Family’s inability to pay the full Monthly Club and Coach Fees.  The Club will offer Scholarships to a family experiencing financial hardship.  Scholarships can only be applied to Club and Coaching fees.  Unfortunately, the Club is just not big enough at this point to offer Scholarships covering non-club related fees like uniforms, league and tournament fees. 

Will my child lose their roster spot if they don’t participate year round?

• No, as long as you are current on the monthly club portion of fees your child will not lose their roster spot.

Am I required to pay monthly club and coaching fees if my child is not participating?

• Monthly club fees are required regardless of whether or not your child is participating for a specific season, however they will not be required to pay the monthly coaching fees.
• Monthly Club fees are $40.

What is the purpose of club fees, what does the fee cover?

• The club portion of the monthly fee pays for the website, the TeamSnap account, accounting software, office supplies, phone service, insurance, MYSA Membership and field rental for practice etc.

Why do I have to pay for club fees if my child isn’t participating?

• Most clubs in the St. Louis area do not even allow for the option of not playing year round with them and they certainly don’t allow reduced fees for non-participation.  Forcing a child from age 6 to 13 to choose one sport over the other isn’t fair to the child, so we allow it and even encourage it.  In the worst-case scenario we’d hope your child would be able to attend at least one practice per week even if they are participating in another sport.
• The fees to operate the club don’t change based on whether or not your child participates in each season.
• It is unfair to the fully committed year round families to take on a higher financial commitment because your child is not participating in a particular season.
• Teams are formed with the idea they will play together for the full soccer calendar year.  When a player does not participate in any particular season it creates roster issues for that team and other teams as players are scrambled from one team to the other and younger kids from the club are often asked to play for older teams just to keep a team together.
• It’s the only way to guarantee your child’s roster spot for their return the following season.

Are the coaches qualified?

• All coaches, whether employees or volunteers, have been certified and hold a USSF License.  Additionally, all coaches spend a lot of time with our Director of Coaching and all teams are coached to focus on individual brilliance.
• All coaches go through an extensive background check, Concussion Protocol and a TB Test.
• Our Staff currently consists of one former professional soccer player, with 33 years of youth coaching experience, is a former ODP State Coach, High School and College Coach and is USSF C Licensed, one current professional soccer player, a former college player and current high school coach and a coach who played high school soccer.

What days will my child’s team practice?

• The practice schedule will be released around June 15th and the schedule will be posted here on the site as well as in your TeamSnap account.

How many practices per week does my child have?

• All players on all teams will have a minimum of two team practices per week and one academy skills session per week during the fall season.
• During the winter and spring all players on all teams will have a minimum of two practices per week and most likely a third being an academy session.

Are practices mandatory?

• Practice is not mandatory as we will have multiple options available for your child to make up a practice if they miss one.  
• Obviously, the more your child attends practice the greater benefit they will receive.

Do the Legends Teams participate in Tournaments and if so, about how many per year?

• Yes, we try to get all our teams into at least one tournament each year.  The older teams typically play in 3 to 4 tournaments per year.
• We try to keep the cost as low as possible by participating in local tournaments, however we typically do one out of town tournament in KC each year.

What if my child cannot attend a tournament for family or other reasons?

• Certain tournaments for older ages are Mandatory and should be built into a family schedule and budget.  For mandatory tournaments we ask that a family does all they can to assure the participation of their child.  For those times when life happens and it’s just impossible to insure your child will participate in the tournament we understand and we will attempt to fill your child’s position with a guest player.
• Some tournaments will be deemed optional and it will not be mandatory that your child participate.

If my child cannot attend the tournament do I still have to pay for it?

• If your child is currently participating on a team and the tournament falls within the season then yes, you will be responsible for paying for your child’s tournament fee.  If a tournament falls outside of the season and your child is not participating currently in league play you will not be responsible for tournament fees.
• Tournament fees are determined by the number of players on the roster and divided evenly amongst them.

If you have questions that have not been answered above, please email Club Director Scott Gaither at [email protected]

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