Why should you choose the St. Louis Legends SC?

As a parent of two premier level youth soccer players, a former professional soccer player for 9 years and a former high school and college soccer coach, I understand what college and professional coaches are looking for from players trying to make it to the highest levels of soccer.  I use my experiences in these past positions along with a 33 year youth coaching background to help guide players in our club to be the best player they can be.

We are a developmental club specifically designed to maximize the skill and potential of each and every player regardless of what their genetic make up is. 

We push every player to become their own best version of themselves on and off the pitch.  

We encourage creative risk taking and coax, prod, plead and applaud individual creativity!

We love to win, but don't bench players for costly errors!  How are they going to learn and overcome their fears of failure if we constantly reinforce a negative result for a process failure?  We actually encourage repeated failure, especially at the younger ages.  If they aren't failing often then they aren't taking any risks and they aren't growing as a player or as a person.

We do our best to make sure every player plays equal playing time throughout each game.

Legends Players learn to play every position and are constantly asked to play out of their comfort zone.  Chaos is where the most growth occurs.

Legends Players are deceptive dribblers who are held accountable for their effort, their attitude and their willingness to play creatively.

Legends Players NEVER kick the ball out of bounds to clear the ball out of pressure!  Instead they are asked to use their foot skill and their teammates to find an alternative way out of a difficult situation.  Sometimes this will result in goals against us that can also lead to lost games.  However, we know with absolute certainty that a U11 League game has absolutely zero bearing on whether or not one of our players will garner a scholarship at 17-18 or go on to play pro ball.  Likewise, we also know that players with incredible ball skills, composure under pressure and great vision get noticed each and every game they play!  Additionally, highly skilled players with exceptional confidence perform well under pressure situations like, try-outs, ID Camps, ODP and professional tryouts.

If you are interested in a place where your child's long term development is MORE IMPORTANT than the team, the club or the win, the Legends is the right place for your son or daughter.  We're not concerned with how great your 8 year old son or daughter is.  We are focused on how great they can be at 17 or 18 when it becomes extremely important for those players who want to play at a higher level.

Our Mission:
The St. Louis Legends SC is an inclusive soccer club with a passion to help every player we coach become the single best player that he or she can be.  Our objective is to help every player reach whatever level of play they want to pursue and are willing to work for whether it's high school, college or professional soccer.  

The Unique Legends Training Methods we use are designed to help young players become brave, creative leaders for life both on and off the pitch.  We have an extreme focus on individual skill development and introduce the tactical, fitness and psychological facets of the game when players are technically capable of achieving tactical success.  Players are held accountable for the things they have control over, their attitude and their effort.

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