4 V 4 Winter 2 Indoor League Rules


Thank you for registering your team to play in the League.  We are looking forward to an exciting season and some great soccer from all the youngsters on your teams.

The rules are fairly basic but there are some differences to note due to the facility set up.

Due to Covid and our effort to maintain a safe and healthy environment for your players and spectators Entrance and Exit Only doors will be set.  The Eastern most door will be the Entry door.  The Exit Door will be the door located next to the small field and the Garage Door.  Please make sure your players and spectators are aware of this and use each door appropriately.

All persons entering the facility are required to wear masks.

All persons (except players, Coaches and Referees) remaining in the facility are required to maintain mask wearing throughout their time in the facility.

Players, Coaches and Referee’s may remove their masks once they enter the field or the player/coach area on the North side of the large field.

All Persons entering the facility will be required to sanitize their hands upon entry.  Sanitizer will be provided.

The Home side will be on the side closest to the front entrance of the building.  The Away side will be on the back side of the field.  Home team should wear a white or light colored jersey and the away team should wear a colored jersey.  Home team will be required to change jerseys or wear pennies in the instances of color conflicts.

Rules 2012 and Younger:

1)        Build Out Line-Once a goalkeeper clearly gains possession of the ball, the opposing team must retreat behind the halfway line.

2)        All of the below rules apply.

3)        The referee will be on the field during run of play.

4)        Coaches are not allowed on the field during run of play.

Rules 2011 and Older:

1)        There is no out of bounds.  In the event the ball goes out of play in the player area, an indirect free kick will be provided to the team not responsible for playing it out of bounds.  In the event the ball gets stuck in the net anywhere on the field, an indirect free kick will be awarded to the team not responsible for playing it out of bounds.

2)        You Cannot Substitute on the fly.

3)        All substitutions must be made during a stoppage in play or when your team’s goalkeeper has clear possession of the ball. 

4)        You may not substitute when the opposing goalkeeper has the ball unless the opposing team is also subbing players.

5)        All free kicks are indirect.  Penalty kicks shall be rewarded for serious infractions that have taken a goal scoring opportunity away from a player.

6)        Both teams may substitute during free kicks.

7)        Both teams may substitute after a goal is scored in either goal.

8)        Only 2 players are allowed to be in the corner areas competing for a ball.  If a third player goes into that area, an indirect free kick will be awarded to the team with only one player in the corner area.  These areas are designated with black tape on the walls.

9)        When a legal shoulder to shoulder tackle results in a player being forced into the wall violently, that legal shoulder to shoulder tackle will be considered a foul-boarding and an indirect free kick shall be awarded unless the infraction is deemed by the official to be stopping a goal scoring opportunity, in which case the infraction would then become a penalty kick if the foul occurred on the offensive half of the field.  If the official believes the foul to be aggregous he/she may penalize the player with a two minute penalty, a yellow or a red card in extreme cases or for repeated infractions from the same player.

10)  Goalkeepers may choose to throw, kick or dribble the ball.             

11)  Cleats, studs or other outdoor soccer shoes are not permitted.

12)    Sliding or slide tackles are not permitted.

13)    Time Penalties may be administered for serious infractions, fouls, foul language by either coach or player or any other serious misconduct.  They will follow the same basic principles of regular indoor soccer.  Blue card two minute penalty.  Yellow card 4 minute penalty for the player.  Red card ejection from game and facility and team 5 minute penalty.

14)    The game shall consist of two 20 minute halves.  With a 2 minute halftime.

15)    There will be no overtime.

16)    There will be no shootouts except for in the case of a tie in playoff games at the end of the season and any and all shootouts will be single elimination.  Meaning, if team A scores on their first shootout attempt and team B misses, the game will be over and Team A will have won.

17)    All shootouts will take place in the Home goal.

18)    The selected visiting player will go first.  The ball will be placed on the penalty spot.  All penalty kicks will be taken from the penalty spot.

19)    The ball must clearly cross the goal line.

20)    The selected home player will then take their turn.

21)    Playoffs may be instituted depending upon the number of teams in each division.  Where playoffs are not instituted, a simple points system will be employed to determine division winners.

a)          Win = 3 Points

b)          Tie = 1 Point

c)          Loss = 0 Points

d)        Head to Head win/loss will be used to determine a winner in case of a tie in total points.  If a winner cannot be determined through a Head to Head comparison, Goals For will be the next determining factor and Goals against will be the last determining factor.  If everything is equal in all of these outlined factors a 20 minute mini-game will be played to determine a winner.  If after the 20 minute mini-game the teams are tied, there will be a shootout to determine the winner.    

Any rules confusion will be adjudicated first by the Game Official and lastly by the Facility Director. 

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